About/Contact Us


I can be contacted at 906-369-1819 between the hours of 10a-10p EST or by email at wildbluewanderup@gmail.com. Our address is 51848 Rice Lake Rd Lake Linden, MI 49945.


The Dream/Vision and a bit about Kent

The vision for Wild Blue Wander UP literally came out of the Blue. It is a healing 20 acres of land in a majestic area between lake superior and rice lake near Lake Linden MI. First, the land needed and continues to need healing. I have spent countless hours praying, playing flute, drumming, smudging, crystal gridding, cleaning, and restoring the property from previous neglect and abuse from humans. Listening to Creator God We have been creating several walking paths, 3 tent sites, a rustic cabin, 2 Campers, a small library, and Gardens.

It is a work in progress as am I.

I don’t know exactly what I am doing or how it’s going to get accomplished. (Please consider a Love Offering) I have encountered several setbacks but trust all is going according to plan and the people that are meant to create with me, have and will continue to show up at the right moments. 🙂

20 years ago I had a Spiritual awakening that completely changed my life. I wound up in the hospital but the event altered my course towards a deeper communion with the Creator God of my understanding. I started working on a 12-step recovery program. I was led to play Flute, and though I can’t read music, I moved from a large house to a small one-room cabin on Horseshoe Lake in MN where I resided for several years studying and creating 3 flute meditation C.D.s (Listen to samples at https://youtube.com/channel/UCzJSuxCpYA3QuSgeyzB4oAw).

I was led to Healing Touch International and spent several years studying and eventually helping in classes. I changed careers from machine repair to people repair 🙂 I was ordained in 2009 and Started work in a nursing home as a CNA. I then switched to working in group homes for a private company, and then for the State of MN department of human services.

I traveled the U.S in the summers, either on my motorcycle or in a converted Honda Element, boondocking and visiting several national parks before being called to the U.P. of Michigan to start Wild Blue Wander UP, where I offer a quiet getaway retreat for those looking to deepen their Spiritual/Personal walk. Through silence, nature, music, communication, Healing Touch Therapy or Sound Healing.

Offering 3 rustic walk-in campsites, 2 campers, one off-grid cabin, a 20 ft. yurt, space for 2 vans or small self-contained RVs, or my personal Cabin.

I try to customize your experience to fit your needs by communicating with you personally. Prices are suggested, please pay as you can afford. I am teaming up with local artisans to supply locally produced natural products.

I hope to hear from you soon to start planning your visit.